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Over the years, we have seen an explosion of different means of communication. With this growth, the real challenge is choosing the right communication for your business. It is also important to look at emerging trends in customer communication and start adapting to them.

Depending on the level of the business, being able to communicate effectively with each customer becomes even more challenging. To survive in this competitive market, improving customer communication is a critical factor.

What is customer communication management?
Customer Communication Management, or CCM, is the strategy by which an organization manages the creation, execution, and delivery of its customer communications. This is usually done by integrating the various tools used to communicate with customers and providing a single view to each customer-facing team, including sales, marketing, and customer service.

With effective customer communication management, you can align your message and ensure relevant and consistent communication regardless of the channel.

How is CCM different from CCM?
Customer Relationship Management manages the interactions and relationships between the business and its customers and falls into the broad category of CRM. Here are some ways they are different.

Why is customer communication important?
Here are four functions that make an effective customer communication plan for business growth.

Sales: Customer communication gives you opportunities for over-selling and cross-selling. You can increase sales by pointing out similar products or updates on their purchase. Sellers who actively seek and exploit referrals earn 4 to 5 times more than non-sellers.

Customer Loyalty: Good communication with your customers Gains trust and wants to choose your service over others. This will increase customer loyalty for your business. 80% of customers gain customer loyalty due to exceptional customer support, products, reviews, advice, etc.

Brand awareness: When you communicate clearly with your customers, they will remember your brand and even talk about it. Customer word of mouth is your biggest brand promotion. 74% of customers also agree that word of mouth plays a key role in making decisions.

Support: Communication means your customer support is built. Good customer communication creates a positive experience and makes them more repetitive. Retaining existing customers is 6 to 7 times less expensive than acquiring new ones

10 Steps to Effective Customer Service Communication

1. Support on multiple channels
As different types of customer service channels or communication methods are available, support through multiple channels is much needed. Your customer base will have different customers and everyone will have a preferred channel for customer support. However, it is also important that you provide consistent support across different channels. The best way to do this is to choose Omnichannel support. This way, your team can access the same view of all conversations with the same customer.

2. Offer personalized communication
No one wants to be treated because they are just another customer. Customers want to know that you care about them. Starting your customer conversations with at least a customer name and heartfelt greetings will create a good impression and value them.

3. Target the right customers
Audience targeting has now been made easier with the help of some digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Business Page Insights to equip you with the right data to target the right customers. Similarly, by looking at the data in your CCM or CRM, you will be able to segment your customer base and target individualized messages to each customer group.

4. Set expectations
Customers often leave the hang-up or live chat if it takes too long to connect with the agent. The reason customers reach a phone or live chat support is to get immediate responses. But if you hold them for too long, it will not give its advantage. Customers only wait a few minutes and make sure you get your customers to respond quickly. If there is a delay, it is important to let your customers know the waiting time. This can be done with an automated answering system or chatbots. Also, greet them when the call is connected and apologize for the long wait or thank them for being on the call or online. It creates a pleasant customer experience.

5. Update your customers
Customers hate waiting. However, they hate it, even more, when they hear nothing from you or are unable to track the status of their problem. The customer service representative is responsible for resolving your customers’ issues and questions. If this is not in your hands, explain it clearly to your customers. Don’t give your word that you will fix anything, and then say you can’t do it. It affects your brand image and customer loyalty.


To know more about Ccm, We would be interested to learn how your organization navigates complexity and how much control you would like to give your business users over-regulated or marketing communications, from creation, management, personalization, targeting, to delivery and access to reporting. Visit our website



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