10 “Must Have” features of ECM

So, your company (ECM) has decided to invest in the solution, but before you make a bad decision and make a deal with the first ECM provider you find on your internet search, consider these 10 “must-have” features of your choice. ECM must provide:

1. Central repository: Central repository, which is accessible through robust content management software, simplifies your file-sharing by managing multiple file-formats from multiple locations, whether paper or electronic content.

2. Document scanning: File sharing and retrieval of files with various methods of scanning. Make sure the solution provides barcoding, zonal optical character recognition, and front-end methods.

3. Secure Email Files: Store incoming and outgoing emails in a system that connects to clients, vendors, and contractors to help end lost emails — and most importantly, make sure it can easily integrate with popular email applications already in use.

4. Client Portal: Customer access to a self-service portal can take your customer service potential to the next level — make sure it integrates easily with your website so you can personalize your brand.

5. Document retrieval: Easy retrieval of all documents to expedite the process should be searched by contacts, advanced filters, and keywords.

6. Mobile Access: Anytime, anywhere accessible on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, tablets, and other popular mobile devices allows increased productivity and enables efficient operation.

7. Easy Integration: It should integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Office, or other popular business applications, without any modification of your current system.

8. Automated Workflow Manager: Without altering the current workflow, you need to visually track linear processes, analyze project progress with business intelligence, and determine individual customer productivity, workflow intervals, barriers, and more.

9. Advanced Analytics: For transparency on key business processes, advanced business analytics can be easily customized for reports as needed.

10. Cloud-based access: Secure, secure cloud storage provides very low-cost storage and access from anywhere — and in today’s business environment, lack of access and connectivity can be a major dent in your bottom line.

Finally, take the time to review the various options available in the market. Make sure the ECM solution you choose can measure future growth and expansion. After all, you don’t want to take everything to another solution when your business is too big for a solution you have already implemented. For that BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is the right choice for affordable and high-security Ecm software.



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