5 proven suggestions for effective customer communication management(part-2)

3. Follow up with customers
Sometimes, customers need to be put into action. If you want to retain customer engagement hovering, your CCM approach should include a follow-up process.

Most teams are already accustomed to making sure that every customer gets a response when contacted, but to build loyalty, you need to be one often to continue the conversation. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Some examples you can follow are:
Asking for feedback after a recent purchase
Sending birthday messages and coupons
Asking and Responding to Reviews (Both Negative and Positive)
Make engagement (and re-engagement) an ongoing part of your communication process, so first-time buyers always grow as loyal customers.

4. Reduce response time
Communication these days is happening faster than ever before. People are having real-time conversations with people around the world. Advanced tech is now a fundamental part of customer life, with 82% of people expecting your team to respond immediately. Effective CCM must prioritize response times.

Of course, not every company can provide 24/7 support, especially if you run a small business. If this happens, you can increase your customer communication by adding automation to your strategy.

You have probably seen this process before. When you send a query through the contact form or order online, you will usually receive an instant email or SMS receiving your submission. Your business can do the same.

Many brands also run chatbots on their Facebook pages and websites, so customers can get appointments or get answers to simple questions, even if a real team member is not available to help. Others are achieving widgets such as Podium WebChat, which allows you to set reminders after friendly hours or to respond instantly by text when you are available.

Another great CCM strategy is to add a knowledge base or FAQ section to your site, so your customers can get answers to questions when you are not available. The self-service option also reduces the number of messages you receive each day, helping you to further improve response time.

5. Be human
Great customer communication must be human. Even if you use a chatbot, you do not want your customers to feel like they are interacting with the robot — especially through unofficial media such as social media.

While your team should always be professional and positive, you can make strong, fast connections by adopting a more casual tone. Depending on your target audience, your customers may feel as if they have heard from a coworker or friend while you are communicating with them. Initially, this means limiting the terminology you use, as well as eliminating formal greetings and closures such as “Dear” and “Sincerely”.

Another way you can show the humanity of your brand and connect with customers is, to be honest. Be straightforward and transparent when you communicate, so customers know that your word is trustworthy.

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