Benefits of Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management

Cloud-based enterprise content management is a new and evolving concept that is being followed by many businesses today.
Businesses can reap many benefits from implementing cloud-based enterprise content management.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management
In this digital age, content is king, which means managing it brings more value than you believe. Although you can store documents in your facilities, there are many new developing tools available that will make your life a lot easier. With Cloud Enterprise Content Management or Cloud ECM, the business world can now properly manage its content over the Internet. This new and evolving process has grown significantly in recent years and continues to do so. According to a report by Market‌sandMarket, Cloud ECM is projected to grow into a $ 34 billion industry by 2022, indicating that the technology has a lot of potentials to grow for the market. With the growth of cloud ECM, digital content will grow in organizations, making it easier to protect and more accessible.

What is Cloud ECM?

Cloud-based enterprise content management is mainly used for cloud-based technologies, strategies, and strategies, to effectively obtain, manage, store and distribute content, documents, and information to businesses and their customers, employees, and business shareholders. With this new technology, businesses no longer have to worry about the security of their documents and the maintenance of their storage units. Businesses can reap many benefits when implementing a cloud-based ECM system.

As with many other cloud-based solutions, implementing a cloud ECM system can greatly reduce business costs. Maintaining an onsite ECM solution is very expensive due to the hardware and software components. By moving everything to the cloud, businesses do not have to worry about the hardware and software management needed to manage their content. It not only focuses on hardware and software management but also helps reduce the number of staff needed to perform these tasks, which means that cloud ECM businesses have the opportunity to focus their IT division on more productive and innovative tasks.

Security & Protection
In the business world, many documents contain very sensitive information that needs protection. Due to the nature of the Internet, businesses may not be as confident in keeping these documents in the cloud. However, contrary to this popular belief, cloud-based ECM solutions may be more secure than onsite storage. With today’s technology, we see improved firewalls and better-encrypted tools such as blockchain, which means that documents and information are stored in a safe place.

Accessibility & Productivity
Due to the cloud, businesses can expect greater productivity and accessibility. With their content in the cloud, anyone can access it wherever they are. With the availability of file-sharing technology, authorized users worldwide can receive and send documents whenever and wherever requested. It makes it easier to use, share and access content through free or low-cost cloud-based file-sharing tools, which greatly increases productivity.

A business can have many different areas, be it finance, marketing or accounting, which need to be in constant communication with each other. With cloud-based ECM tools, businesses can become more collaborative and increase their investment in communication.

According to the IFEP survey, only 19% of businesses feel that their employees have a high level of awareness about important content because of how limited these documents can be accessed. With the seamless integration of the cloud ECM, it is easy to connect all documents to grasp the big picture. Also, as the new generation of millennial workers begins their careers, this technology becomes even more useful. With their technological prowess, they can easily maneuver through these documents on these new generation platforms. Cloud-based ECM tools allow employees to collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in Enterprise Information on Management (EIM) products services. Our EIM products enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact, and process speed. We power digital transformations to empower the intelligent and connected enterprise.



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BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in Enterprise Information on Management (EIM) products services. Our EIM products enable businesses to grow faster.