CCM Use Case: Certificates of Insurance

Insurance policies come with more than one file of important documents and related information. Fortunately, as a policyholder, you do not have to be inclined to know every detail of the policies, that is, ultimately, why you have an agent. However, it is incredibly important for insurance agencies and organizations to not only keep a detailed record of distributed policies but also to create a smooth and easy process that prioritizes the user experience. One way to do this is to implement a sophisticated CCM that is capable of automating processes such as issuing insurance certificates.

Learn about insurance certificates
If you are not a business person, the term insurance certificate may seem a bit foreign. Although easy to mistake as an industry term, insurance certificates are actually specific to a particular type of insurance policy.

C.O.I are the only documents issued to the business as proof of liability insurance. These documents are important for companies and businesses that need to obtain and carry insurance debt through law or partnership. Obtaining your liability insurance will result in the issuance of a certificate of insurance which you can present to partners, legal teams, or consumers as proof of appropriate coverage.

C.O.I and CCM
Understand that insurance certificates are only issued to businesses because proof of liability coverage is half the battle. In the context of CCM, though, state-of-the-art software makes this process easier and smoother. CCM programs, such as those offered by Bentech Systems, are equipped with a variety of features that combine business logic, automation tech, and A.I. to perform the most advanced processes with minimal manual input.

A great example of this is the library of renewable materials that use man-made copies to create new insurance communications for specific customers based on that person’s profile. This means that the generated document will contain the language specific to the user, will be delivered to a preferred communication channel, and will not interfere with the user’s day at least.

Combining convenience with personalization is one of the strategies through which CCM reaches its ultimate goal: to improve the customer experience.
Prioritize the customer experience

At the end of the day, most industries are still run by consumers. Even with the major changes in the digital and virtual economy that have accelerated over the past year due to the global epidemic, we are in an age of information that has led to transparency, social responsibility, brand imaging, and consumerism. Emphasis is placed on experience.

Customer experience is the most important aspect of any company. Even in such a crowded market, loyal customers who experience a negative experience with an organization are more likely to jump in and take their money elsewhere. That’s why CCM, especially the CCM offered by Bentech, makes improving the customer experience a top priority.

An instant refund on insurance certificates at CCM
There are many ways CCM can enhance your company’s communications efforts. From streamlining the process to making it more efficient and easier for customers, to getting more personalized messages that engage your customers and invite them to respond, however, they are the most comfortable. Implementing the latest CCM will take your firm to the next level.

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