Connected Workspace in OpenText Content Suite 16 (Part-2)

2 min readMar 24, 2023

Workspace Types and Perspectives

Some of you may be wondering: isn’t Connected Workspaces just a fancy name for a simple folder containing some business documents? No, more. Based on metadata and content metadata, workspaces can establish business relationships with other workspaces. In addition, workspaces have their teams, which can control participants at the company level. It stores documents, emails, and other content. It summarizes all messages and events in a user-friendly manner and supports collaboration with checklists and workflows. Different types of workspaces have different configurations. Information can be provided based explicitly on business needs.

Workspace team

Teams in Workplaces represent roles in an organization or business process. Each workspace has its team. Business users can assign participants directly without IT involvement. Using team roles for access control provides security, maintainability, and flexibility at the same time.

Business Benefits briefly

Access Connected Workspace

When using Connected Workspaces, administrators can create workspace types and prepare workspace templates. On the landing page, end users have “workspace headers” that they can use to navigate to the workspace. The following example page contains three different widgets that reference Accounts, Opportunities, and Sales Orders.

The zoomed-out view here contains recently opened workspaces and preferred elements that can be opened directly from here. You can quickly filter aspects by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the widget header. Filtering happens automatically in the background as soon as you stop typing. Click on the expanding element in the lower right corner of the widget to access additional aspects, or workspaces if you don’t already have one.

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