Difference between OpenText Consulting and Advisory

3 min readDec 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between “consulting services” and “consulting services”? We are often asked to do both at the same time. We recognize that many clients get confused between these two areas and sometimes seek advice when they need some business advice. Therefore, we decided to explain both terms.

Advisory Services

As you probably already know, both “Advisory Services” and “consulting services” help companies solve problems that hinder business development and growth. When we are called upon to provide Advisory Services, we offer practical advice and solutions. We provide actionable projects that clients need to complete themselves to make their business processes more efficient. We just instruct our clients where to go and what to do to solve problems on their own.

Business Advisory Services are primarily based on the constantly emerging challenges in business. By providing them, we help our customers improve their businesses. Clients turn to us for advice because they know we are experts in OpenText products. We have a broader view, and as a result, we can better understand their options.

Most of the time, business consulting stays for a longer period and helps address the ongoing challenges facing businesses. Business consulting services touch all aspects of business, from managing internal OpenText systems to implementing strategies for new products and/or services, to improving overall operations.

Consultation service

When we are called in for consulting services, our experts provide solutions for specific problems (e.g. company running on an unsupported product — we upgrade to the latest supported version; the company bought the product but doesn’t know How to adapt it to their needs — we install and customize it; the company needs to reduce the number of manual and error-prone steps — we automate specific business processes, lack internal resources to do specific projects — we provide resources).

In general, consulting projects are more likely to be defined as consulting projects. In consulting projects, we work to identify the root causes of problems that arise in our business, and then work to solve them once and for all.

Bentech’s OpenText Consulting and Advisory Services

We at Bentech have decided to offer the best of both worlds and have come up with a hybrid service model that combines consulting and advisory services. We decided to use a mixed model for two main reasons. First and foremost, we want to make sure we help our customers get the most out of their time and resources.

Second, much of what we know about OpenText products is based on our experience providing consulting services. We have a practical understanding of the potential of OpenText products, our customers’ day-to-day challenges, and real business needs. We also keep up to date with the latest information on OpenText’s products, upgrades, and offerings because we are an authorized partner.

During consultations and counseling sessions, we discuss our client’s questions and concerns. As our team has worked in the industry for almost two decades, we can see our clients’ everyday problems and future concerns from another perspective.

Given the information, our team provides practical tips and actionable items that they need to follow to improve their business. If the client does not have sufficient internal resources, one or more of our experts can join the client’s team and provide the missing expertise and manpower.




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