Digital Transformation for Records Management & Governance-2

Whether you have already implemented a record management system or are thinking of implementing it, there are several factors to consider when considering automation and records filing.

Organizations should not adopt the same size approach when considering the implementation of a record management program. The main reason for failure is that the implementation of the implemented solution is poor, or at least far below the expected level.

· Long-term protection formats and storage.

· Empower business users with a targeted user interface.

· Reporting and auditing on a recorded program.

Long-term preservation formats and storage-record systems must have the ability to convert a variety of content types to PDF / A for long-term protection. In addition, it should support the transfer of long-held records to less expensive storage devices such as AWS Glacier. This can be cost savings for organizations that maintain long-term records.

Empower business users with a targeted user interface — provide a user interface that is easy for the end-user to use. Bentech provides a new digital workspace (ADW) that is easy to create for a user (s) or user roles. Records can be declared from ADW or with basic business principles, just save the content in specific folders. The desktop sync client provides similar capabilities but integrates easily with desktop applications. When using the Manage in Place strategy, users will be working in a user interface they are already familiar with.

Reporting and Auditing on the Record Program — Establish performance measurements to better identify the performance and effectiveness of your record management program and to identify where problems arise. Bentech Insight Engine can be used to report on the matrix, such as how many records were created, the number of records by type of content, disposal capacity, or category of records.

An effective record management program should address compliance, information governance, and law enforcement issues but should be easy for the end-user to adopt. Compliance teams should consider the above six concepts when implementing or restructuring a record management system.

Finally, take the time to review the various options available in the market. Make sure the Cloud ECM solution you choose can measure future growth and expansion. After all, you don’t want to take everything to another solution when your business is too big for a solution you have already implemented. For that BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is the right choice for affordable and high-security Ecm software.



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