Future of Enterprise Content Management (Chapter-1)

3 min readMay 24, 2021

Many analysts have declared the ECM dead, but the future of the ECM is still bright.

Today, ECM is the development & implementation of Enterprise content strategy, not software expansion. The lessons learned from the past few decades are that the industry has multiple technologies and approaches to approach ECM’s goals. Taken as a whole, they represent future success for content management throughout the organization.

History and success of ECM
ECM derives from a combination of technologies that began to become

commonplace in the company’s infrastructure in the 1990s:
Management Document Management (DM)
Records Management (RM)
Content Web Content Management (WCM)
Digital Asset Management (DAM)

That list grew longer with each new content technology that emerged over the next decade. Every seller has tried to have a top-down platform regardless of the needs of their clients.

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It is a race between vendors to have the most comprehensive features. Although a company is only looking to solve a single problem, its goal is to sell its entire stock. Vendors have tried to convince customers that if they buy more capabilities than they think they need, they will be in a better position to meet other needs when they arise.

In addition, WCM technology has evolved faster than the average ECM can track. The typical two-year primary release cycle failed to produce standard two-year internet. Web 2.0 already has its winners before ECM vendors can decide how to support those capabilities.

ECM vendors have tried to replace it by getting a new WCM vendor every three to four years. Checking the box on the analyst report is a waste of resources for sellers. Eventually, ECM left WCM out of its scope because of the technology, and the number of users each increased separately. Unfortunately, a more centralized definition of ECM has not been successful.


Content Services Replace ECM?
This is a question that will be discussed in depth at industry conferences. There is no simple answer. CSP and ECM are not equal terms. ECM works to resolve all content‌. Content services only cover the content of transactions, which is a small part of the overall challenge.

Content services are eligible for their slice of the company’s IT infrastructure cost. A CSP is well suited to address the challenge of managing transaction content that supports multiple processes. There are solid success stories from companies that have taken this approach.

Those companies used a service-oriented approach to building infrastructure &one of those services stores distributing and managing content. Not only do those companies use CSPs successfully, but they also do it in a way that makes sense throughout the entire system architecture.

The final reason why CSP does not replace ECM is that CSP handles content in case it solves a specific problem. ECM looks at all the contents of an organization more broadly and seeks an appropriate level of governance regardless of the system in which the content resides.

Enterprise content management systems are highly customizable. At the end of the day, what works best for your company can best meet your needs. By comprehending these best techniques, your company can reap the benefits of enterprise content management software at any time. Request a free consultation with an enterprise content management specialist to begin defining your needs.

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BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in Enterprise Information on Management (EIM) products services. Our EIM products enable businesses to grow faster.