Future of Hyper-Personalized Communications-2

2 min readMar 16, 2023

For example, to develop viable solutions, many companies are looking to leverage a range of enabling technologies, from artificial intelligence to data analytics to advanced marketing tools. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to a lot of experimentation and, above all, a lot of internal investment.

If your organization has successfully implemented OpenText Exstream’s CCM solution, then you are already on the path to customer success. However, as your company evolves to adapt to changing business and regulatory environments, you may find that maintaining and supporting the solution cumbersome (and costly). If you are currently facing any of the challenges described in this article, please get in touch at info@thebentech.com or Contact us.

The Value of Managed Services Modern customer communication management (CCM) systems provide the infrastructure needed to create a single centralized platform capable of supporting high-volume, end-to-end, personalized communications on demand. The value of a centralized communications platform throughout the customer journey is that it breaks down silos and improves the visibility of all communications between a company and its customers.

As a result, customers get a more unified communications experience, eliminating conflicting messages or branding distributed by different internal departments. Doing so can avoid some of the mistrust that is increasingly seen as a major problem with personalization strategies.

Regarding ROI concerns, a single platform can create, approve and deliver omni-channel communications promptly, ensuring consumers get the most appropriate information at the right time through their preferred channels. This enables companies to build a platform from which they can capitalize on these opportunities to increase sales.

One solution adopted by many companies is to work with a single, experienced communications partner. Such partners can help overcome many of the issues that Gartner believes are holding back hyper-personalization and the company's adoption of data-driven communications.

They enable companies to use their data to their greater advantage and provide the intelligence needed for a complete customer picture. At the same time, they provide the ability to design, manage and deliver high-volume, personalized communications, on-demand and through the channel of their choice, all from a unified, centralized platform.

If you are not sure what features your future CCM solution should have to meet your short-term needs and long-term digital transformation strategy or to learn how to better engage customers and turn customer experience into your competitive advantage, please contact us today! We are happy to share our more than years of experience in providing efficient CCM solutions to clients in different industries.




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