How A Customer Communications Management Strategy Can Improve Consistency And Reliability In Your Business

4 min readOct 6, 2021

The importance of communicating with customers cannot be underestimated and your communication can be coordinated. Learn how to do it on our blog.
When it comes to business, no shortage of components needs constant consideration and rethinking. Marketing, compliance, accounts, and all the necessary front and back end things that can be easily, yet deadly, overlooked. However, one of the most important and effective parts of your business is your customers.

When it comes to your customers, the Customer Communication Management (CCM) strategy is more important than you think. It is estimated that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from 20% of its existing customer base. Statistics like this are nothing to turn your nose on. (1)
Read on for reasons and methods that customer communication management strategies can improve consistency and reliability in your business.

Upward Communication
Whether your business is digging, lawn moving, or catering, customers will inevitably have ideas and opinions to share with you. Sometimes they will be positive, but most likely, they will be negative, but that’s fine. No one is perfect, and the idea is how we get better.

One of the most annoying things for customers is when their voices are not heard. They try and communicate, but there is no place for their voices to reach the people for whom they are intended. Without the above discussion, problems are often left unresolved, and innovation is hampered. (2)
Innovative above-mentioned communication initiatives can be woven into the business process in the form of feedback forms, surveys, and reports. The new technology makes it easy to achieve, especially for field-based businesses where apps like Jabber’s HVAC service software are extremely useful for you to handle these communications.

That way, your business can keep up with and maintain your customer experience. This prevents them, sometimes obscure, from spreading the diagnosis online or by word of mouth, areas over which we have little control.

Downward communication

Of course, there is no good without evil, light without darkness, and so on. Communication needs to be multi-faceted and two-way to ensure that subordinates, who often face customers, are in tune with the moods and aspirations of superiors.

One of the reasons why the following discussion is important is that senior employees hold prestigious positions in the company because of their experience and expertise. These are largely professional qualities that distinguish between senior and subordinate employees in a company.
This means that senior executives are more likely to see things in business that guarantee action. It is unfair to keep subordinates in mind and expect improvement without communication.

Setting up this formal chain of communication will ultimately lead to improvements and improvements in some areas: One is that, through more communication, the staff will learn how to adapt to change. The second is that, as they are facing the customer, it will raise the standards and improve the results.

Internal background communication
A successful business depends on everything, everyone has their rightful place. These big wheels lock the small cogs and screws in place, packing them tightly, so everything works together.

Your machine needs to work this way and needs a limited access bridge that extends beyond your shell for the convenience of customers. The flow of information within the structure needs to be transmitted in the same way, albeit in an unstructured manner (not fixed like large mechanical parts that move up, down, and around).

This dynamic system consists of emails, messaging platforms, and production override programs. Instead, there is a common sense of understanding between employees because communications are instantaneous and large announcements are received from all users within the platform. This enables customer communication to enter the system and move forward with the same freedom as internal communication.

Tech and system-based solutions
Today, CCM has a variety of strategies that provide your business with technological advancement. Some of these include:

Route optimization software: It bridges the gap between customers and the company’s workflow. This allows them to assign upcoming jobs to the closest member of the team on the digital map provided. This can save time when transferring information.

Field Service Task Automation: This involves identifying redundant operational tasks that are important to your workflow and automating them to remove symbolic on and off switches, which are resource-based and now necessary. do not have.

Job Coating Software: Create, send and track quotes that are easy to see and easy for customers to approve.
By following the ideas above, you can streamline and streamline your CCM strategy. Doing so will bring benefits to many areas of your business.

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