How can a Comprehensive Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution help pave the way for effective communication?

As the financial services industry emerges from a difficult 18-month period, banks that have accelerated their digital transformation in response to the crisis now need to review all the print and digital communications that they offer to their customers.

Sending during travel. The goal is to ensure that the client experience is smooth, personalized, and customer-centered in banking when interacting through any channel.

Seamless customer communication means the client gets the same experience regardless of how they interact with an organization — via email, a portal, or a mobile app. If the experience is not smooth, the client may feel disconnected between channels or conversations on the same channel.

1. Lack of Central Communication Authority: It is difficult to create consistency if there is no central authority to control the design, tone, and frequency of communication. The appointment of an individual or team is necessary to create the overall format of the organization’s client communication and apply it to all types of communication.

2. There is no single theory of all communication: Many organizations operate in a federated manner, meaning that different departments (loans, mortgages, checking) manage their messaging. This makes it difficult to improve key elements such as communication frequency.

3. Data is incomplete and incorrect: When client data resides across multiple systems without an integration layer, it is difficult to achieve any level of personalization. Creating customized offerings depends on access to contact information, behavior, and priority data, as well as engagement data.

4. Channels operate in isolation If print and digital messaging channels are owned by different teams, it is challenging to integrate the customer experience. This is an obstacle to a consistent and smooth experience.

5. No communication framework Without a framework for strategically mapping and measuring results, it is difficult to set up many dynamic components of the initiative to show return on investment and increase communication.

A comprehensive CCM solution can remove roadblocks and create the best way for consumers to interact in banking.

It is important to partner with a vendor who has experience in banking to improve customer communication and help them overcome these and other barriers.

Bentech provides an end-to-end solution for managing customer communication in banking. Our Ccm and digital transformation experts work with banking clients to map existing communications, identify gaps, and draft a framework that will communicate communication strategies.

Bentech CCM platform offers a fast, low-cost option to connect channels, consolidate data sources, and create consistent messaging across all types of communication. We offer a flexible pricing model with expected monthly fees for all member communications regardless of channel, so that the bank can expand its digital channels and save on postage.

Using a single CCM vendor also eliminates other challenges, such as managing multiple vendors, maintaining regulatory compliance, and staying up to date with information security requirements.



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