How to Develop Growth Utilizing Enterprise Content Management?

3 min readMay 25, 2023


Many software companies promise to solve all your business challenges in one go while magically making you more money. I am going to tell you that there is no magic solution or single step that can revolutionize your business. But if you are ready to do something already, I am sure that the right software solution will smooth out any workflow and create growth and profitability.

The reason software is rarely an immediate solution is that new software needs to work in the dirty world of humans. This means saving not only hard dollars but also soft dollars. I would tell my users to look for the greatest possible impact when starting the software installation. But now I will ask them to choose the one that your people see and appreciate the most.

A shining example

The team initially argued that we start with National Accounts, because the benefits were obvious, and these were the clients they need to take care of the most. However, after some discussion, we decided to start with a smaller specialized channel — because it has less complexity and higher chances of success.

People are often resistant to change. But once the team saw how well the improvement worked for its specialty channels, they were more likely to participate in the process for national accounts as well.

We see that ECM systems provide profits and growth for companies by offering new revenue streams and seamless communication methods. But as I mentioned above, soft dollar improvements are often the most powerful for your team.

Suppose your product team is sharing engineering details with a team of IT professionals, and several people share access to a document. It’s easy for one person to override another’s work, and as a result, version control is a serious challenge — not to mention the potential job loss because of these overrides.

Enterprise content management systems make it easy to see who has access to what, in addition to the changes that have been implemented. These systems promote ownership and accountability so you can spend more time focusing on what needs to be done and less time on who did what and when. The less time employees spend searching for information, the more time they spend exploring new business areas and strategies for your organization.

With features like automated filing and contract management, key documents will always be accessible to your team — building strong productivity in your organization. ECM enables automated functions including:

· Automatic notifications

· Task routing

· Fast payment cycle

· Automated action

· Reduced data entry errors

· Low operational costs

· Completely paperless workflow

· Increase employee satisfaction and efficiency

If your company’s growth is stagnant due to slow or inefficient workflow, now is the time to look at organized content.

As the amount of digital content grows year by year, data management will become more difficult and cumbersome. If you think your business can benefit from ECM, contact an expert at Bentech Company for a Free Consultation to find out how an enterprise content management system can improve your business?




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