How to Improve Customer Experience During a Recession? (1st part)

2 min readApr 25


Recessions typically cause companies to be more cautious. However, an economic downturn may be just the right time to go on the offensive.

In an unstable economy, digital customer experience is even more important. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted companies to accelerate their digital transformation strategies to operate successfully. Now, with economists predicting a global recession, focusing on improving customers’ digital experiences will once again be fundamental to mitigating problems and strengthening customer relationships.

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Best Practices for Strengthening Your Customer Experience Strategy

Companies can take various actions to avoid common pitfalls during recessions. Here are some best practices to help your company stay ahead of the downturn and emerge strong with happy customers:

  1. Map the customer journey to identify inefficiencies. Assess the number of interactions customers need to have with your brand before their problem is resolved. How many agents do you need to answer customer calls? Are calls being routed multiple times? Has a customer inquiry that can be resolved without a phone call? Answering these questions is the first step in uncovering the inefficient, disconnected processes that lead to disappointing customer experiences.

2. Minimize inefficiencies through low-cost participatory methods. A Forrester study found that the average customer service call costs between $6 and $25. Find ways to route calls to other channels such as text, email, or live chat, as well as self-service options, to both reduce costs and increase agent efficiency. Self-service chatbots won’t replace humans, but they should be easily integrated into the customer service experience so customers don’t need to repeat their questions when switching from a bot to a human.

3. Move to a unified customer experience platform. While you still have the budget, be sure to deploy a channel-agnostic solution that includes AI insights and analytics. Companies should look for an all-in-one platform that ties channels together for a consistent experience across channels on the front end and AI-driven insights and analytics on the back end.

If you are not sure what features your future CCM solution should have to meet your short-term needs and long-term digital transformation strategy or to learn how to better engage customers and turn customer experience into your competitive advantage, please contact us today! We are happy to share our more than years of experience in providing efficient CCM solutions to clients in different industries.




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