Light DAM vs. Full DAM: What’s the Difference? Part-2

Why do organizations upgrade from Light Dam to Full Dam?

Organizations that are struggling to manage their content and need a more robust solution to manage their content — especially rich media — will probably benefit from outgrowing their current solution and upgrading to a full DAM solution.

While organizations can reap vast benefits by upgrading from a lightweight DAM to a full DAM, here are some key features:

Sharing: Not only can users share all popular formats and file sizes, but DAM also allows them to instantly send files up to 200 GB to anyone anywhere in the world, regardless of what browser or operating system they’re using. Firewalls are not an issue as only links are used, eliminating the need for attachments.

Searching: DAM offers additional advanced search features, including AI auto-tagging, which allows users to find what they are looking for without the hassle of sifting through large numbers of assets.

Asset rendering and resizing: DAM allows users to crop or customize the format and size of each asset as they use it.

User permissions: Custom views and access for teams and individuals ensure that all users can only access what is relevant to them.

Integrations: Teams can use their assets across multiple other platforms, creating a more sophisticated and well-rounded solution.

Scalability: As your team and/or assets grow, so can the number of people who need access to them. DAM easily scales to thousands of users, keeping assets safe and secure.

How do I know what’s right for me?

Small organizations that don’t work with a lot of content and only need to store a small number of brand assets and stock photos may only need a lightweight DAM solution. On the other hand, organizations that create, purchase, and store large amounts of content, are looking to easily manage and share their content, and would greatly benefit from implementing a complete DAM solution with an emphasis on security and compliance.

Is it time to upgrade?

After reviewing the key features offered by both full DAM and lite DAM, it becomes clear why many organizations are choosing to upgrade to a full DAM solution. Companies that outgrew their light dam and needed a better solution for storing, sharing, and securely managing their digital assets and needed a solution that could grow with their needs.



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