Migrating from xPression to OpenText Exstream 16.4: Here it is

2 min readMay 12


So, starting with version 16.4, OpenText finally offers its customers a migration path from xPression xDesign to Exstream Design Manager and Designer. xDesign was the primary design environment and the initial focus of the migration effort. It uses a kitchen flow structure. The overall layout is based on tree rules. Content is driven by rules with a nested structure.

The migration method will take advantage of the document export functionality. Exported xDesign templates in pdf format will be imported into Exstream as the bass for template migration.

Bentech can help you upgrade your OpenText Exstream, StreamServe, Document Presentment, Extended ECM for Content Suite, Content Server, Archive Server, and many more OpenText products.

Design Manager provides an advantageous structure for moving content into Exstream design templates. Exstream Design Manager and Designer have a similar concept allowing migration and import transformations.

Exstream Design Manager manages object-oriented design elements in a similar tree structure. The migration approach will seek to leverage Design Manager’s chapter and paragraph objects as new design sources.

Conversion: What You Need to Know

• Exstream Designer will target the most common design patterns in xDesign

• Conversion will not be 100% automated. But OpenText provides documentation and best practices here. As always, OpenText’s internal customers and service partners are here to help.

• Validation and testing against dozens of client-submitted document groups

• Accessible from Exstream Design Manager and works on PDPX template export

• Detailed logging and reporting of content, rules, and resources for each transformation template


Of all the EMC customers who became part of the OpenText user community after the acquisition, xPression customers can breathe freely again. OpenText has demonstrated its ambition to save customers’ investment by offering a partially automated migration path from xDesign to Exstream Design Manager and Designer.

By upgrading to the latest supported version, customers not only benefit from new functionality and many innovative features but also join a large community of Exstream users, including leaders of many Fortune 500 companies.

If your company is using xPression to generate documents and is looking for an authorized and experienced service provider to help your team upgrade to OpenText Exstream version 16, look no further. Bentech will be happy to assist you or contact us directly.

We recommend requesting an upgrade assessment health check and consulting service to ensure that your OpenText™ environment is ready for an upgrade and that you have someone to turn to for helpful advice and guidance. As always, please be sure to reach out if you have any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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