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Mobile ECM provides quick and easy access to data

When applications first moved onto the mobile scene, many were designed for personal use: communication, entertainment, banking, or basic online browsing. Businesses today are becoming increasingly mobile, and organizations are taking responsibility enabling workers to do business anywhere, anytime even when away from the office.

As the digital revolution continues to deliver new efficiencies and greater flexibility, leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems are evolving to keep pace and support modern work needs with mobile capabilities. And they’re finding a large and receptive market.

Working outside the office is becoming the norm

According to a recent poll, 63 percent of the workforce spent some time working remotely since the pandemic. Last year — this figure steadily increased. In some industries such as transportation, information systems, and mathematics more than half of the employees work remotely at least some of the time. Many employers and employees alike agree that flexibility and productivity are the biggest benefits of remote working, and younger generations consider “working mobile” a basic workplace necessity.

But employee engagement can be difficult for companies with a remote workforce. Mobile ECM can be part of this solution giving employees the means to participate in workflows and collaborate with their colleagues.

Mobile phones, devices, and networks gain more sophistication with each design cycle, providing even more capabilities and accommodations for working anywhere to become a reality for an increasingly mobile workforce.

BYOD and digital transformation

With the ubiquity of smartphones, computing in the workplace has changed in recent years and many companies allow employees to use their smartphones for work-related tasks — a concept known as Bring Your Own Device. (BYOD) is called. A BYOD strategy can dramatically reduce a business’s hardware costs.

BYOD is not a new concept, but adoption rates are expected to continue to increase in 2025. In fact, according to a Research and Markets report, the BYOD market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 17 percent over the next four years.

Organizations are retooling to meet the needs of this new workforce. Industry research firm 451 coined the phrase enterprise in motion as a concept for how organizations use emerging IT innovations to automate business processes, codify them into applications and extend them to mobile users. do According to 451 analysts, it is integral to an enterprise’s overall digital transformation strategy.

Mobile ECM use cases

Mobile ECM has enjoyed a long and distinguished track record in field service, providing representatives with mobile access to customer account history, equipment, service contracts, schematics, and more.

Today it is being applied to a growing list of enterprise use cases. Take, for example, a salesperson who wants to log their expense reports, or access CRM records while visiting a client account. Or an insurance claims adjuster who can access forms and information and add time- and date-stamped photos at the scene to document auto or property damage.

Photography is increasingly being incorporated into business processes to validate conditions or situations, and/or document before and after scenarios. Mobile devices with integrated cameras make it easy to meet these requirements and add images to forms, case files, and records.

In all these scenarios, mobile ECM enables quick access to information, greater detail, and accuracy in reporting, as representatives can access scene-specific information as opposed to waiting to download information back in the office, with less lag ahead. growing process.

Join the mobile game

Mobile ECM initiatives can empower users to collaborate anywhere, anytime. If you don’t already have a mobility strategy with a mobile ECM component, head to the drawing board and implement one. fast. This is a global trend that you must be a part of to stay relevant in today’s digitally dominated business age.

BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in Enterprise Information on Management (EIM) products and services. Our EIM products enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact, and process speed. We power digital transformations to empower the intelligent and connected enterprise.



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BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in Enterprise Information on Management (EIM) products services. Our EIM products enable businesses to grow faster.