CCM emphasizes the need for enterprises to realize CCM’s ability to improve customer experiences and integrate more strongly with other business applications. So what can we anticipate to see for the eternity of CCM?

1. CCM errors
A high-profile error will draw attention to today’s generally randomly managed customer communications. As the communication channel continues to expand, with the adoption of smartphones and tablets, businesses will begin to realize that serious problems are stuck in their hundreds, or thousands, of disconnected CCM plans.

In the techie world, at least one large enterprise will have a high-profile guff this year, most likely starting with a free-form text area that provides offensive or inappropriate communication to a user with a large social media presence. ۔ After seeing this, other businesses will review their policies on all types of outbound communications.

Leaders will begin to address this issue by focusing on company voice protection and management. The marketing team will be charged with handling this voice at almost every customer touchpoint, but it will face difficulties.

2. New design concepts.
Responsive design ideas will jump out of the agency and into business lines. Over the past few years, presentations based on the most impressive mobile applications, tablet applications, and customer data portals have been designed and implemented by a handful of specialized outsourced digital agencies. Because their skills have yielded results, the best methods of cross-channel and responsive design will enter the business line as design skills go through successful projects. Enterprise absorption skills are excellent, and on-site CCM design skills are mature.

Equipped with these new skills, enterprise CCM experts will insist that all CCM applications begin their design phase with these valuable skills. Leaders who incorporate responsive design into their communications will see initial resistance until stakeholders understand the business improvement of responsible design and high-quality information displays.

3. Measurement of communication
Progressive C Suites will include a matrix that includes CCM performance measurements. Although not intentional, social media and mobility-based metrics will reach advanced dashboards. Expect dashboards to include things like “cost per customer communication,” “cost of communication through the channel,” “cost of acquisition through the channel,” and “90-day maintenance costs.”

This matrix will shed light on the interconnection of communication channels during the critical stages of the customer life cycle, especially during the first 90 days. Measuring these costs and maintaining long-term customers will focus directly on communication infrastructure.

4. New C-Suit Officers.
More large insurers and banks will deploy Chief Experience Officers or Chief Mobile Officers in the C-Suite as these issues affect high-level corporate strategy.

5. CCM investment
Wise IT departments will take a look at their CCM investments and measure their “return to recovery”, ultimately challenging CCM technology providers who are not innovating enough to keep pace with the market. have been. As major mobile carriers actively advertise to reduce the upgrade cycle to 12 months, CCM technology providers will strive to retain existing customers with longer (more than 18 months) release cycles. ۔ Wise consumers will demand innovation or consider fast vendors.

To know more about Ccm, We would be interested to learn how your organization navigates complexity and how much control you would like to give your business users over-regulated or marketing communications, from creation, management, personalization, targeting, to delivery and access to reporting. Visit our website



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