Top 4 Features of Opentext Exstream that You Need to Know

3 min readDec 14, 2021


OpenText Exstream is an emphatic omnichannel customer communication platform developed for omnichannel customer communication management (CCM). This flexible, scalable platform is a state-of-the-art solution that helps organizations engage with their audiences in more meaningful ways through highly personalized communication and content across all channels.

What is Customer Communication Management (CCM)?
Customer communication management is also known as Ccm Software is excellent for the foundation of any successful business. In recent years, these communications have taken on new implications. As the Omni Channel became a core expectation, the CCM platform emerged as an essential tool in helping companies connect with their audiences as well as gain high-level insights from communication data.

Customer Communication Management helps companies retrieve, store and create consumer communications in all departments and for any purpose. From marketing outreach to customer service, documentation, warranties, and account management, CCM can seamlessly connect, build trust, gain loyalty, and gain an in-depth understanding of the shopping journey. Provides on-brand method.

OpenText Exstream: A central platform for all your needs
OpenText Exstream is a multi-channel CCM medium that promotes highly relevant, real-time customer communication, helping companies maximize value from each touchpoint.

From instant messaging to content management and processing automation, OpenText Extstream makes communication centralized and democratic and eliminates the complexities and disadvantages involved in managing communications across multiple channels.

Top 4 Open Text Features
Empowered customer communication via OpenText Exstream empowers employees and promotes collaboration, enabling scale development, even in remote work ecosystems.

The top seven most important open text features for CCM include:

1. Continuous multi-channel experience
OpenText Exstream provides a seamless multi-channel experience for all stakeholders. Consumers enjoy an anticipated on-brand experience on their favorite channel, from email to telephone, live chat, or social media. In addition, employees have full access to the customer’s history, ensuring that the response is meaningful, timely, relevant, and free of friction.

2. Easily access the content
OpenText Exstream is a highly flexible platform that allows access from any device or computer system, maximizing productivity in a distributed workforce environment. The company’s content is centralized, helping teams to align with a common goal and maintain consistency across different content strategies.

3. Interactive editing
Employees can edit and collaborate in real-time, shortening timelines and ensuring the best possible outcome. When updating content to reflect new statistics or features, updated versions are automatically sent to the appropriate channels, often shortening the load of erroneous and cumbersome processes.

4. Customer engagement analytics
Engagement analytics enables high-level insights into customer engagement, helping organizations better understand CX performance. Detailed engagement data enables timely business decisions and encourages continuous improvement, which contributes to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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