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The events of the last year and a half have confirmed the important role that digital transformation plays in any organization’s ability to carry out its mission. And as we look to 2022, forward-thinking organizations are increasingly focusing their digital transformation efforts on their people — and the people they serve — to thrive in a more distributed, more digitalized world. Focusing on settling where we live.

Last year, we had to get ready to survive. We redesigned the key process and learned how to communicate in a more virtual environment. But evolution does not stop there.

In 2022, it is up to us to build on what we have achieved, so that our teams can continue to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively in the face of unexpected and rapid change. Can do We’ve seen how quickly we can adapt and what wonderful things we can achieve when we are well connected and highly motivated.

Here are the most promising, accessible and effective technology solutions for organizations to focus on implementing in 2022.

Opportunities for digital transformation for 2022

Intelligent automation
Why it should be on your radar: “As organizations grow — expanding into new markets, gaining new customers, adding suppliers, offering new products — creating data and information at amazing rates. And accumulation, which often leaves behind the ability of humans to manage it. And keep pace. On average, the volume of information coming to organizations is expected to increase 4.5X over the next two years, including About 60% of the information will be unstructured (such as agreement or negotiation) or semi-fabricated (such as invoice or form).

Intelligent automation (IA) can be more than just automating repetitive tasks. It can significantly increase productivity intelligence and less human error to better business continuity and enterprise scalability. Intelligent automation solutions create efficiency and flexibility in the business process and help you get the most out of your content, information and people.

For businesses in 2022, intelligent automation could look like this:
Cloud-based capture solutions that increase ranking and data extraction speed and accuracy
Robotic process automation, which transfers repetitive tasks from people to software bots, so that organizations can take advantage of human intelligence and time more strategically.

Cloud powered content services
Why it should be on your radar: the remote, widely dispersed workforce that has exploded in popularity and demand since the onset of the epidemic, and which by the end of 2021 Gartner’s project will account for about a third of the world’s workforce. Will be, not going anywhere. — Especially just back to office work life.
Many legacy systems were not designed to scale and handle remote work quickly. Your distributed workforce needs to stay connected, and with cloud-powered content services, that’s it. Your Content Services Platform (CSP) must bridge the gap between your other systems and integrate content and process management, be it financial data, customer data, employee data or any other basic business system. Be We all know that for security, accessibility, performance, interoperability and ease of ownership, the future of most enterprise applications lies in the cloud.

For modern workforce, cloud-driven content services that are provided as software through a service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) models, rapid deployment and flexible delivery. Will allow You will be able to take advantage of open standards and local integration into cloud services such as AWS. And, as you build your digital transformation roadmap around cloud-driven content services, you can empower your teams to solve business issues that non-cloud users simply can’t solve.

Finally, take the time to review the various options available in the market. Make sure the ECM solution you choose can measure future growth and expansion. After all, you don’t want to take everything to another solution when your business is too big for a solution you have already implemented. For that BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is the right choice for affordable and high-security Ecm software.



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