Trending digital transformations in 2022–2

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Why it should be on your radar: Organizations are not just managing the growing volume of content. We’re also managing increasingly complex content, and we need tools to do that effectively. A recent Forrester report shows where the technology is going: 64% of global software technology decision-makers are adopting DAM.

Organizations use digital asset management to guide the creation, production, distribution, and retention of rich media content such as audio, video, and images. The DAM solution can combine these assets with relevant data and content in your organization, a feat that provides users with an exceptional experience.

Despite being frequently used by creative teams, DAM has a wide range of applications throughout the enterprise. Rich media is used everywhere in your organization. They are involved in a wide range of processes, from insurance claims to product development, and run a wide range of mission-critical processes. Historically, there have been images in Silo that hinder collaboration and damage the productivity and alignment of your teams. The DAM solution integrates images into your organization’s content to enhance performance, as well as better employee and customer experiences.

Artificial intelligence
Why it should be on your radar: Collecting data is the first step in controlling content chaos, but using that data is just as important. Why collect data if you can’t get insights from it?
Most organizations are collecting data, whether it is structured or unstructured. As we process more and more material, artificial intelligence will play a key role in enabling us to gain valuable insights from it.

Artificial intelligence can use machine learning and analytics to help increase productivity and inform your business strategies. Therefore, we move from data to information to knowledge, to insight, and finally to wisdom. In order to identify trends and gain real insights, the solution has to be learned from large sets of data — possibly combined with other large sets of data from different sources. Technologies including data warehousing, data aggregation, data curation, data visualization, and machine learning algorithms will all play a key role in unleashing AI capabilities.

2022 and beyond, AI will empower us with the ability to intelligently retrieve and extract more valuable data, not only in the form of metadata but also with other features that do not come from traditional indexing. For video files, imagine creating structured data that identifies the people in the video, what they are saying, and even their accent.

Finally, take the time to review the various options available in the market. Make sure the ECM solution you choose can measure future growth and expansion. After all, you don’t want to take everything to another solution when your business is too big for a solution you have already implemented. For that BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is the right choice for affordable and high-security Ecm software.



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