Your Enterprise Needs Intelligent Content Services. Here’s Why

Traditional ways of content management are now accepted. The growing amount of content being produced today is forcing businesses to look beyond traditional ECM systems. Enterprises are now looking towards wider use of content. And this has increased the need for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based technologies built into content service platforms. As the content services space evolves, AI/ML and other advanced technologies have long since moved from “areas of interest” to de facto “roadmap items”.

Decoding Intelligent Content Services

Intelligent content services are the use of advanced technologies to help analyze, manage, and deliver content at scale. It offers capabilities such as automated classification and categorization of documents, data extraction, sentiment analysis, detection of sensitive content, and more.

Advanced OCR, NLP, AI/ML, and other modern technologies have changed the way content is managed. Enterprises now expect data to steer them in the right direction. For example, visual recognition services can detect a missing signature seconds after uploading a contract, rather than waiting days for a human to check its quality.

Intelligent Content Services capabilities you can leverage

• Automatic classification and indexing of documents to eliminate redundant tasks

• Identify and mask sensitive content to meet compliance and governance objectives

• Extraction of entities from content to provide insights and automate business processes

• Implementing sentiment analysis on customer communications for quick identification and resolution of customer needs and more

All the above capabilities can help your employees by making them more productive, more effective, and more compliant. This ultimately translates to providing the best possible customer experience.

And there are more…

While intelligent content services have many benefits that help employees in many ways, their benefits will surprise your end customers as well! For example, through self-service web portals, your customers can verify their identity and documents through intelligent video recognition capabilities. Another real and tangible benefit is prompting your customers on the document collection portal to ensure that the correct set of documents is uploaded.

With intelligent content services, the possibilities are endless! Bentech’s contextual content services platform includes comprehensive intelligent content services capabilities that help you increase your employee productivity and deliver an outstanding customer experience.



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